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Victor Pardal originated from playing in the streets of the South of Jozi – most people know him as the founder of SouthSide Crew – a car club that had its roots in the informal gathering on the streets that created the super popular Wednesday nights Southside Crew Drag Racing Event at the former Westbank Raceway.  He is also a host and on-air personality on Channel O’s TV show called Mzanzi Ridez with DJ Ready D and various other DVD & TV productions.
Cutting his teeth in motorsport in the Drag Racing Category where he excelled in his Precision sponsored Golf MKI powered by 20v VW 2.1L fitted with Precision Throttles of course.  He then was sponsored by Total for a period of 3 years where he raced under the guidance of legendary South African race car champion Peter van Lindenburg and piloted a SASCAR V8 on oval and long circuit tracks all over South Africa and abroad neighboring African countries like Namibia.  Amongst all of this he learnt the art of drifting on his Wednesday night’s event at Westbank Raceway with other current Pro Drifters namely Bruna Miranda, Jonathan Rudman and Flow.
Victor is currently drifting the ever so South African popular box shape BMW – an E30, but with a twist, this one is powered by a BMW V8. 2011 in his 1st year drifting professionally and it has mostly been a year of research and development on the E30 BMW which has been dubbed the “smarties box” due to its bright colourful appearance.
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  • 2000  founded SouthSide Crew car club where he held weekly events with the memebers of his car club his at the time were 300 cars strong. They attended countless drag racing events together
  • 2002 Victor Pardal was awarded his own coloum in the HipHop magzine HYPE, in which he featured various customised cars in and around South Africa
  • 2004 victor & his partner Dawood joined the then new build Wesbank Raceway & started learning & working as motosport marshalls. He also started the Drag Race series Illegal2Legal which was an initiatice to to kerb illegal street racing & get the street racers on tp the track & regeisteared with motorsport south africa. He also become the officially commenatator for Wesbank Raceway
  • 2005 Victor & his Team conceptulised an event with da help of Peter Lindenburg & asscociates, and created the very successful wednesday night drag racing know as Southside Crew Nights! This form of racing racing was based on street racing rules but on the actually track. This gave the illegal street racing community a safe enviroment to follow their passion – ¼ mile dragz! This got great media coverage with The Star covering the event every week for a solid year. They were aldo well supported by the Ekuralenin Metro Police Department as the ilegal street racing come to a complete halt as there was no need to race on the street no more, they had a home now @ Wesbank race way on a Wednesday night. Crowd attendace averaged 12 000 people on a summers night .
  • 2005 Victor Pardal”s personally build mk1 1980 2dr Golf was feateared in the Speed and Sound Magazine, this year also saw the 1st season of the TV show Mzanzi Ridez which Victor Pardal was co-hosted on.
  • 2006 Victor Pardal started racing SASCAR professionally with a full sponserhip by TOTAL for 3 years. He raced for Peter Lindenburg (South African Racing & Power Boat Champion) Race team and succefully had podium position during his seasons. His 2nd car an imported vm Polo was cover car & featured in the Vdub publication
  • 2007 his VW cabrioloet was featured in the Speed and Sound Magazine.
  • 2008 – Victor become the offical Mcee for MonsterMob Raceway & all their events also become an active member in Drift Squad based in Cape Town where he also Mceed at their local events Hosted motion Video dvd prouductionsas well as hosted Monstermob DVD productions
  • 2009 – start drifting competatively
  • 2010 – began competing in The Rock Raceway drift events, Supadrift events and became the Offical Voice of the Sports Compact series
  • 2011 – Supadrfit series – sponsors Autostyle Motorsport, Triangle Tyres, Antoine AutoSport
    Officiall Voice of Sports Compact series
    Sideways Extreme (kzn)
    IASCA Sound competions
  • 2012 Featured on Se’khona on SABC1
    – His Autostyle & Kenda Tyres sponsored Drift E30 BMW V8 featured in Speed and Sound Magazine

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victor pardal